5 "NOs" in advertising in Belarus

1. "NO" to conducting a raffle using a random number generator

A random number generator is equated to software, hardware and hardware, the use of which is prohibited when conducting an advertising game.

2. "NO" to the indication of the cost of goods in foreign currency

The cost of goods must be indicated in Belarusian rubles.

Important! When advertising on the Internet, you can place a currency converter.

3. "NO" to using a logo with foreign words without identical text in Russian or Belarusian language

As a general rule, the use of foreign words in advertising without identical text in Russian or Belarusian is not allowed. Exception - the word is registered as a trademark and (or) service mark.

4. "NO" to words in the superlative degree, if there is no documentary evidence.

The use of the phrases "the best prices", "market leader", "only with us" is not allowed.

Documentary confirmation may be statistical data, results of marketing research.

5. "NO" to advertising on street lamps, road signs, other elements of the street and road network

Placement of advertisements in unidentified places is prohibited.

Unidentified places are elements of outdoor lighting, technical means of traffic organization, other elements of the street and road network.

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