Energy and natural resources

REVERA’s experience comprises comprehensive administration of projects involving mining operations and renewable energy sources.

REVERA’s lawyers contributed greatly to the construction of a number of solar plants, wind plants, biogas units and landfill gas units, with an overall power of over 50 MW.

Due to statutory assignment of quotas for the construction of new ‘green’ power plants intending to sell energy to state-run networks, this sphere has seen a decrease of new projects. REVERA’s lawyers are ready to consult you on the issues of construction of new ‘green’ power plants for in-house needs of Belarusian companies aiming to comply with the present requirement to have a minimal share of ‘green’ energy in the production process. This trend is likely to shape the development of the Belarusian renewable energy market. 

REVERA’s team is traditionally noted by the IFLR1000 guide as a market leader in comprehensive project administration. 

  1. Regulatory issues

    This block of operations includes consulting on statutory requirements in the power industry, projects in environmental protection and mining operations.

    Our lawyers lend assistance in formalising mining claims, agreeing terms and conditions, concluding investment/concession agreements.
  3. Comprehensive project administration

    Comprehensive project administration implies support in the following:
    • structuring and elaboration of roadmaps for project implementation
    • construction & real estate, allocation of land plots
    • project financing & co-financing
    • labour safety and environmental protection
    • taxation & currency regulation
    • customs regulation
    • labour & migration relations
    • representation in state authorities
  4. Dispute resolution

    REVERA assists companies in resolving disputes with state bodies, corporate entities (suppliers) and consumers.

    REVERA’s lawyers offer arrangement of pre-trial dispute resolution and support in judicial bodies, international courts and arbitration institutions.

They are accurate, commercial and keep to deadlines.

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Great problem solving skills and out of the box thinking.



Construction of a solar plant for Modus Group

Modus Group is a diversified holding company operating in Lithuania and Belarus. Our team provided comprehensive support for a 5.7 MW solar plant project in Minsk region. Construction activities were financed by EBRD.

Biogas Systems

Supporting obtainment of quotas and construction of a number of bio-stock power plants. The project comprised sveral sites in different Belarusian regions.

A major domestic investor in renewable energy sphere

Юристы REVERA оказали помощь в вопросах строительства и подключения к государственным электрическим сетям ветропарка клиента. На заключительном этапе строительства государственные поставщики энергии отказались подключить ветропарк, однако спор был успешно разрешен. REVERA участвовала в процедурах урегулирования разногласий на уровне Министерства экономики и Правительства Республики Беларусь.

Vireo Energy

Support for the purpose of constructing landfill gas power plants in Belarusian regions. Assisting in attracting funds for the purpose of construction projects.


Preparing a report (presentation) covering the challenges of the Belarusian renewable energy market.


Monitoring the obtainment of authorisations required to operate in the Belarusian market.