Services for wealthholders

Owning a company means everyday challenges for the owner. REVERA’s team of lawyers sees the business from different angles and is ready to support the client at every stage, whether it's the launch of a new project, raising of funds for an existing business or corporate conflict.

1.  Structuring of partnership relations

2. Fundraising and M&A support

3.     Owner and hired CEO. Regulation of relations

4.     Construction of a corporate management system in a company (BoD, internal rules and procedures)

5. Owner and their family

6.     Resolution of disputes between founders (corporate disputes)

Great problem solving skills and out of the box thinking.

IFLR 1000

REVERA’s team of talented lawyers has ‘both a practical and a theoretical knowledge of the law’, and is ‘well connected in the market.

The Legal 500

High level professional skills.

IFLR 1000


Buslik - CDRL

Full support of the transaction of sale the controlling block of shares of the Buslik retail chain (first and one of the major Belarusian chains of children goods) to the Polish CDRL company. REVERA represented a private individual (majority shareholder) from sellers' side.

A major retail business

Tax consulting services to a shareholder selling a big retail business in Belarus.

A major manufacturer of aseptics

Сonsulting a shareholder in a corporate dispute with other shareholders: successful defense against lawsuit claiming coercion into a share purchase agreement, defense against lawsuits seeking to invalidate share purchase agreements and lawsuits seeking to invalidate decisions of management bodies.

Protecting a majority shareholder of a bulk freight hauler

Successful defense of a majority participant against a motion seeking to exclude him from the list of participants of an LLC. Representation of plaintiff in cases contesting decisions of general meeting of shareholders on re-allotment of shares of LLC participants, and seeking invalidation of state registration of amendments to the Charter as based on knowingly false information.

Protecting owner of a retail shop

Successful resolution of a corporate conflict with minority shareholders, including defense against motions seeking to invalidate decisions of general meeting of shareholders, to reverse rights and obligations of share purchaser, to invalidate purchase of shares.

Investment for Rozum Robotics

Rozum Robotics is the sole developer of collaborative robots in CIS and Baltic states. Shareholders decided to attract investment to augment their business.
Our team provided full support for the transaction, including preparation of all transaction documents and SPA-agreement under English law. We also, prepared a partnership agreement.