Labour law

The REVERA team is prepared to assist in resolving difficulties between the employee and the employer at any stage of the relations, whether there are  relations between a top manager and a business owner or relations between a company and a personnel provider.

We follow global trends in the development of labour legislation and specialize in all matters of labour relations. In each project, we select the best option suitable for the client, taking into account the assessment of the prospects for the development of the business.

Clients appreciate our flexibility to offer options that are tried and tested, our willingness to assist in the projects from tricky dismissals to the analysis and development of a personnel document flow system, human resources documentation audit and the development or adaptation of corporate policies and other documents in labour law.

1. General labour counseling

2. Comprehensive advice on labour law and related fields

3. Building Relationship “Owner - Hired Manager”

4. Assistance in issues related to HR record management

5. Human resources documentation audit

6. Specific counseling on labor issues

7. Assistance and counseling for clients in relations with foreign employees



Consulting the leading Russian/CIS mobile game developer in a wide range of matters, including organisational management for its Belarusian team, preparation of legal opinions on specific labour law matters and related spheres, etc.


Comprehensive advice on employment matters, develop personnel documentation for an IT company.


Comprehensive advising on building relations with personnel and related issues of employment law.

Creating an R&D centre for Axiom Connected

For a US-based FinTech company. Our lawyers focused on creating an R&D centre in Minsk and current support for the new company in a broad range of legal matters pertaining to corporate, employment and migration law.


Support for the purpose of better structuring of employee relations. Comprehensive advising on employment and related matters, development of staffing documentation for the representative office of Takeda Osteuropa Holding GmbH (Republic of Austria) in the Republic of Belarus.

An IT company vs. former employee

Representation of a major IT company in an employement dispute with former employee.