When restructuring groups of companies, the REVERA lawyers assist clients in building a system of several legal entities, as well as establishing a fully-fledged working structure between them.

The restructuring project team includes lawyers who specialize in corporate and tax law issues.

The experience of assisting in various transformations makes us a strong and reliable partner. We advise clients in the areas of groups of companies transformations for various purposes and business structuring.

Transforming a set of different companies into one working structure can help resolve many practical business issues, such as:

  • Preparing of part of the business for subsequent sale or other purposes;
  • Optimizing of management structures and building systems of interaction and control between group of companies;
  • Separating of various business directions to increase manageability;
  • A painless business division between partners after the termination of cooperation;
  • Non specified other issues

Strong practice with solid corporate restructuring expertise. Also strong corporate, M&A and competition advice.

Chambers Europe



Complex legal support for the group, including corporate restructuring, IP protection strategy, consulting on partnership relations, support of the range of transactions of acquiring different assets and investments, regulatory matters.


Consultions to a major retail chain selling prime alcoholic beverages on corporate matters related to group restructuring. Also, our associates were involved in the development of a business model to improve management of the group of companies, preparation of corporate documents and monitoring the restructuring process.

Restructuring of a major commercial and construction holding

We carried out a restructuring of a major group of companies comprising over 20 legal bodies. The project involved a set of negotiations with banks on debt restructuring.

Reorganising Godel Technologies

Our associates implemented a complicated project involving reorganisation of a major IT outsourcer in Belarus.

Reorganising "Banking Processing Centre" OJSC

Our associates participated in a very complicated (with account of specific proprietary forms) project involving reorganisation of the “Banking Processing Centre” OJSC by merging it with “BELCARD Payment system” CJSC.

Restructuring "Sosedi" chain

Structuring and consulting in the course of embedding a group restructuring concept, including centralisation of control within managing company, spin-off of functional business units, tax planning, development of measures to optimise business processes; affiliation with management bodies of companies acquired in the course of expansion, for the purpose of representing and protecting the client at the investment stage.