New rules to open representative offices of foreign organizations

Decree of the Republic of Belarus No. 408 takes effect as from August 31, 2018. The Decree modifies requirements to foreign organizations for opening their representative offices and for extending the validity of existing permits.

The Decree applies to:

- foreign organizations wishing to open a representative office;
- foreign organizations already having a representative office and wishing to renew their permit or terminate representative office’s activities.

Key changes:

1. You have to apply to another authority

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus was earlier in charge of issuing permits for foreign organizations’ representative offices. From now on, Minsk city executive council and regional executive councils will be in charge, subject to representative office location.

2.  A longer examination period

Executive councils will now examine applicant’s documents within 30 days, and if required, within up to 60 days. A period of 10 days (if required, maximum of 30 days) was in force earlier.

3.  A longer renewal application period

You will have to apply to an executive committee for a renewal 30 days before your permit for representative office activities expires. MFA required a 10 days application period earlier.

4.  Fewerdocumentstobefiled

If head of a representative office is simultaneously head of the parent foreign organization and his/her personal data remain recorded in the Commercial Register, then head of such representative office needs no power-of-attorney to authorize him/her as the head of such representative office. Applicants had to submit powers-of-attorney anyway before the changes.