Game Publishing Agreement: how to draw up a contract

When a spark of mutual interest ignites between a publisher and a developer, it is important to realistically assess the terms of cooperation. Large publishers usually have model agreements concluded.

During the two webinars, we will analyze certain points from such contracts that can lead to long and difficult partings in the future if you don’t look at things realistically.  

Webinar #1: Game Publishing Agreement: video game publishing exclusivity 

At our webinar we will talk about:

  • Game Publishing Agreement: what is it and why do people use it?
  • Terms of exclusivity and ownership of the rights to the video game.
  • Conditions for the joint development of a video game, test runs and technical support.
  • Development of DLC, sequels, add-ons, etc.

The webinar will take part on May 18 at 11:00 (Minsk time). The language of the webinar is russian. 

Program and Registration
Webinar #2: Game Publishing Agreement: Financial Terms, Responsibility and Disagreement Terms

During the webinar, we will analyze how income is shared in the relationship between a publisher and a developer, who is responsible for what, and how cooperation can end in parting.

  • Standard conditions for video game revenue sharing, reporting, and auditing.
  • Marketing guarantees and KPIs.
  • Standard conditions on liability and its limitations, assurances and guarantees of the developer.
  • The right to withdraw from the contract between the publisher and the developer.

Webinar speaker: 

Svetlana Gordey, a leading lawyer at REVERA law group, specializing in projects in the development and publishing of video games and intellectual property.

The webinars will be of interest primarily to developers of video games and mobile apps, but we will be glad to see you all!