Corporate disputes

Our team practice shows that corporate conflicts occur quite often and with owners of all types, regardless of who participates in their business – relatives, friends or other common interest partners.

Consequences of corporate conflicts are almost always wrecking for business, unless you timely take advisable preventive measures.

If you face a corporate conflict, REVERA’s team of lawyers will help your business to settle the conflict in a most efficient way. We render legal assistance in the following matters:

  • contesting decisions of corporate management bodies;
  • invalidation of major transactions and affiliated parties transactions;
  • non-performance or invalidity of transactions between shareholders involving purchase of shares/stocks;
  • unlawful re-allocation of participatory/equity shares;
  • amendment (registration of amendment) of the articles of association involving inaccurate information;
  • expulsion or desired expulsion of a shareholder;
  • failure to furnish information on corporate activities;
  • failure to pay profit/dividend;
  • any other infringement on shareholder’s rights.

*Representation of interests in court is carried out by independent attorneys. 

With regard to corporate disputes, REVERA’s lawyers offer the following multi-stage procedure:

  1. Introductory advising. Assistance in gathering required information (obtaining extracts on company registration, history of shareholders/CEOs, present ratios of shares; on titleholders of particular real estate units; obtaining information from state authorities, legal/natural persons by way of lawyer’s letters of enquiry; preparing shareholder’s request to furnish information on corporate activities; personal attendance to inspect information on corporate activities;  where required, discovery of company documents/information through judicial procedures, etc.); assistance in formalising, certifying, translating powers of attorney, etc.
  2. Defining action tactics and strategies with regard to a corporate conflict, further to the analysis of collected information.
  3. Assistance in settling corporate conflicts through the pre-trial process; conducting negotiations between participants; formalisation of engagements.
  4. Preparing, in accordance with chosen action strategy, any legal documents for the purposes of corporate procedures; holding meetings of collegiate management bodies of business entities and/or participating in such meetings as client’s representative; ongoing consulting support; representation of client in relations with the company, shareholders, third parties; ongoing consulting support.
  5. Preparing petitions/motions seeking auditing by law enforcement agencies (in case of arbitrariness of former CEO, theft of shares/stocks, fraud of company officers, etc.) – this will be relevant, particularly, as a way of collecting missed data; participating, as client’s representative, during client’s testimony for the purpose of inspection/auditing; review of inspection/audit results; ongoing consulting support.

Solid practice advising regional and domestic clients on commercial disputes.

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Minority shareholders of Frandesa company

Frandesa is a leader in the development and production of plant protection agents. REVERA represented company’s minority shareholders in a multi-million corporate conflict with majority shareholders. The majority shareholders desired to fully consolidate the business, but the proposed terms were not satisfactory for our clients. As a consequence of 2-months of discussions, the parties effected a deal, to the reasonable satisfaction of our clients. At present, all terms and conditions of the deal are being duly observed. REVERA’s team managed to settle the dispute without recourse to a court.

Protecting Salamander's interests

Successful resolution of a corporate conflict between participants of an LLC, a resident of Brest free economic zone. We arranged a defense against claims seeking to invalidate decisions of general meetings of participants, validation of participant’s withdrawal from the company and defense against groundless collection of value of share to the benefit of the withdrawing participant.

Protecting majority shareholders of AvangardSpecMontazhPlus

The Client is a leader in the security systems market. REVERA represented majority shareholders in a corporate conflict lasting over 3 years. During the conflict, REVERA’s lawyers won the principal court proceeding, thus materially strengthening client’s position, claim amount being decreased by 98%.

A major manufacturer of aseptics

Сonsulting a shareholder in a corporate dispute with other shareholders: successful defense against lawsuit claiming coercion into a share purchase agreement, defense against lawsuits seeking to invalidate share purchase agreements and lawsuits seeking to invalidate decisions of management bodies.

Protecting a majority shareholder of a bulk freight hauler

Successful defense of a majority participant against a motion seeking to exclude him from the list of participants of an LLC. Representation of plaintiff in cases contesting decisions of general meeting of shareholders on re-allotment of shares of LLC participants, and seeking invalidation of state registration of amendments to the Charter as based on knowingly false information.

Protecting owner of a retail shop

Successful resolution of a corporate conflict with minority shareholders, including defense against motions seeking to invalidate decisions of general meeting of shareholders, to reverse rights and obligations of share purchaser, to invalidate purchase of shares.