Settlement of real estate disputes

Relations in the sphere of real estate are associated with a large volume of investments, high costs of assets, complex legislation and possible unfair practices of one of the parties of the contractual relations. These circumstances often give rise to disagreements between the parties. 

If you have problems with real estate disputes, we are ready to protect your interests and resolve the conflict. Our team will take on all difficulties in negotiating with the counterparty and provide objective arguments to protect your interests. 

We provide legal assistance in the following areas:

  • Analysis of legal position;
  • Formation of litigation strategy;
  • Selecting the most effective way to protect the client; 
  • Preparation of all necessary documents; 
  • Participation in negotiations. 

*Representation of interests in court is carried out by independent attorneys.

Solid practice advising regional and domestic clients on commercial disputes.

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Settlement of a construction dispute at the pre-trial stage for a customer from the IT sector

REVERA helped to reach peaceful settlement of disagreements between the contractor, who, based on the oral instructions of the customer, exceeded the contractual scope of repair works by more than twice, and the customer, who, due to the absence of professional specialists, could not evaluate competently the scope of works performed, their quality and cost, and therefore refused to accept and pay for them.

A major Belarusian fashion retailer

Representation of a major Belarusian fashion retailer in a dispute with lessor seeking to recognise an unenforceable notary’s execution order.

A major chain of restaurants

Representation of a major chain of restaurants in a major economic case. We succeeded in levying deposit money under a lease contract. The deposit money was acknowledged to be unjust enrichment due to expiry of principal contract.