Tax disputes

The complexity of the tax laws often impedes businesses in making independent assessments of risks related to additional charge of taxes, or wisely formulate own position in response to inspector’s remarks.

Moreover, where a tax inspection results in a decision on additional charge of tax, this may entail, apart from pecunial losses, an institution of an administrative process against the company, or even a criminal process against company’s officers.

With respect to tax disputes, REVERA’s lawyers are ready to render legal assistance involving:

  • Expert appraisal of grounds for additional charge of taxes or tax base readjustment in respect of particular client’s transactions;

  • Elaborating a defense technique in case of tax inspection and/or in case of adverse results of a tax inspection;

  • Advising in the course of inspection, representing client for the purpose of its explanation before the tax authority;

  • Preparing counter-pleas to inspection act;

  • Appealing decision of the inspection act in a higher tax authority.

*Representation of interests in court is carried out by independent attorneys.

I really like that they are very familiar with the local market practice and legislation. They don't only read us the law but also explain it. They really know how specific laws are applied in real life.

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