Tax Due Diligence

The diversity of tax payments and constantly changing tax legislation are factors that increase the risk of mistakes in the calculation of taxes and fees by organizations. The cost of these mistakes is high - additional taxes, penalties, fines, and the risk of criminal liability.

Do you have a tax audit scheduled or do you want to check subtle issues on your own?
The solution is tax due diligence - assessment of the company's taxation system for compliance with legal requirements.

Tax due diligence includes
  1. Preliminary research of the client's activities;
  2. Formation and agreement with the client of the terms of reference;
  3. Review of the client's documents and databases;
  4. Selective verification of the correctness of calculation, timeliness and completeness of payment of taxes and fees;
  5. Preparation of the report;
  6. Review of the prepared report with the client, development of recommendations on the identified risks.