Tax structuring for groups of companies

Tax structuring of a business is a set of measures aimed at tax optimization of a group of companies, reducing tax risks, risks of founders, owners and managers.

The REVERA tax law team is highly qualified and experienced, thanks to which we can quickly and effectively organize all tax issues in the company, as well as tax structuring of investments and transactions. 


  • Comprehensive tax audit;
  • Unification of accounting and methodological principles in a group of companies;
  • Development of a system of internal control of the taxation process;
  • Regulation of the principles of tax budgeting;
  • Assistance in registration with the tax authorities of foreign organizations, branches (representative offices) of legal entities;
  • Legal examination and preparation of various contracts, taking into account the possible tax consequences of their conclusion;
  • Tax structuring of complex infrastructure projects;
  • Development of projects for the structuring of Belarusian and international groups of companies, including using foreign jurisdictions.

I really like that they are very familiar with the local market practice and legislation. They don't only read us the law but also explain it. They really know how specific laws are applied in real life.

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A group of companies

Analysis of a group of companies with respect to risks of additional charge of profit tax pursuant to transfer pricing rules.