Accounting and Reporting Consultations

Any organisation is a whole world of business operations. In the course of their activities, companies acquire fixed assets, inventories, manufacture products, sell them, attract external financing, etc. In order to summarise information on assets, liabilities, equity, income, expenses, organisations keep accounting records.

Legislation regulating accounting and reporting is constantly being improved and brought closer to international financial reporting standards. The order of accounting of separate economic operations still causes considerable difficulties. Financial lease (leasing), financial instruments, provisions - issues that require professional judgement and detailed analysis of various regulatory legal acts.

Consultation on accounting and reporting - complex solution of problematic situations from tax consultants and lawyers of REVERA.

Consulting services include
  1. Development of recommendations on optimisation of accounting policy;
  2. Assessment of compliance of primary accounting documents with the requirements of the legislation;
  3. Consulting on accounting issues of specific business transactions;
  4. Consulting on the preparation of accounting statements.