Settlement of disputes in IT

REVERA lawyers advise and represent the interests of technology companies in disputes related to intellectual property and software development.

Our team protects the exclusive rights of our clients to copyright, trademarks, patents, trade names and manages disputes in U.S. courts.
We understand the specifics of software development, how the source code differs from machine code, how Agile development is organized, and who the SCRUM master is, what American courts understand by the terms merger doctrine and scène à faire, how positional trademarks look like, and significantly many other issues.
REVERA also has experience in copyright piracy prevention in Russia, assists disputes settlement between developers, customers, and publishers, looks after the clients' interests in domain names disputes, and enforces exclusive rights to apps on Apple and Google platforms.

Main areas of legal assistance:

  • Representation of interests in disputes arising from software development agreements, license agreements such as developer-customer / developer-publisher / developer-licensee disputes;
  • Representation of interests in disputes arising from other agreements related to the creation of copyright objects (websites, works of art, etc.);
  • Representation of interests in disputes related to the infringement of trademarks and trade names exclusive rights;
  • Advising and representation of clients in disputes related to the domain names;
  • Advising and managing DMCA-based copyright or trademark infringement disputes regarding mobile apps;
  • Advising and support in the prevention of apps piracy;
  • Representation of interests in antitrust and competition law disputes related to the use of trademarks;
  • Representation in disputes related to the infringement of the exclusive rights to industrial property.

*Representation of interests in court is carried out by independent lawyers.


Domain dispute in WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center under UDRP Policy

Representing foreign IT company in its dispute in WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center under the UDRP Policy procedure involving transfer of a domain name on the motion of foreign owners of trademarks.

Protecting copyrights in AppStore

Consulting a number of Belarusian IT companies on disputes with competitors involving violation of copyright on AppStore applications.

A product IT company focusing on iGaming

Participation in a dispute involving online gambling services in a foreign jurisdiction.

Belarusian IT company

Representation of a Belarusian IT company and settlement of differences with a Slovenian customer under a confidentiality agreement.