Hi-Tech Park

The High Tech Park is a sort of preferential treatment regime granted by the Republic of Belarus to companies operating in the field of information technology.

The Park was established in 2005, and Decree No. 8 "On Development of Digital Economy" extended the HTP regime until January 1, 2049. You can learn more about the HTP regime in our review.

REVERA specialists are ready to provide a full range of legal assistance related to the activities of the companies within the frames of High Tech Park regime.

1. Entering the HTP

2. For current HTP residents

I can assure you that in Belarus there are no other lawyers as experienced as REVERA’s in IT.

IFLR 1000


Cryptocurrency platform operator

Turnkey legal support for the establishment of a crypto platform operator in Belarus: from the stage of organization of a legal entity, to joining the HTP and launching crypto exchange activities.

Vizor Games

Сurrent legal support to the company, including: creation and protection of intellectual property, releasing video games, advising on national and international taxation, monitoring registration for Hi-Tech Park residency.


Legal support of the restructuring of a Belarusian company entering the Belarusian Hi-Tech Park, support during admission to Hi-Tech Park.

Game Insight - Alis Games

Supporting acquisition of Alis Games’ Minsk designing studio by Game Insight group, supporting studio’s admission to Hi-Tech Park.

A major developer of software products

REVERA’s team supported client in complying with the Hi-Tech Park regime, carried out a revaluation procedure with respect to new lines of business for HTP residents, and elaborated standard contracts for new lines of business.


Legal support of the registration of the Fibery project (Fibery - a new system for managing companies), including corporate restructuring, registration of relations with institutional investors, support of accession to the HTP.

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