Trade Mark Management

Companies, especially those with a large number of trademarks, face challenges in monitoring their trademark protection. This includes both monitoring their own trademark status and monitoring others' trademarks and products whose existence could do harm to the brand in some way.

We can help solve these difficulties by undertaking continuous monitoring of the terms of registration of your marks, correctness of their use, the occurrence of infringement by dishonest persons. If any risks are identified, the REVERA team will promptly get involved in solving the problem.

The Trademark Management service includes: 

  • Control of the trademark, verification of compliance with the terms of renewal, notification of the client.
  • Control of the use of the trademark by the client, checking and keeping documents confirming the start of the use in all classes within the prescribed period.
  • Weekly checking and monitoring of new applications that may come into conflict with the client's trademark.
  • Preparation of opposition (opposition to a competitor's trademark registration) and conducting proceedings against conflicting applications (first instance, without any appeal or judicial challenge to the ruling of the Patent Office).
  • Within the framework of the trademark registration protection against opposition (first instance, without appeal and without judicial challenge to the ruling of the Patent Office).
  • Monitoring of the client's key markets in a particular region, submitting claims if violations are detected (e.g. Apple App Store, Google Play Market).
  • Receiving and processing use request (requests to use your trademarks) from interested parties, entering into template license agreements with licensors.
  • Storage of trademark documents.