Debt collection

REVERA’s lawyers assist clients in:

  • Consulting on prospective debt collection, in particular from foreign trade contracts;
  • Determination of appropriate defense techniques;
  • Preparing documents required to collect debt by way of notary’s executive inscription, writ proceeding or action proceeding;
  • Representation in foreign courts, arbitration proceedings.

Where there is a ruling of a foreign court or arbitrator’s office on debt collection, our team will perform all actions required to acknowledge and enforce such a ruling in Belarus.

Moreover, we are ready to support your business activities in proceedings involving executive actions or enforcement procedures, such as prohibition on debtor’s leaving abroad or restriction of vehicle driving.

*Representation of interests in court is carried out by independent attorneys.

REVERA maintains additional strength in financial litigation, including debt recovery and bankruptcy procedures, with further expertise in construction and tax-related mandates.

Chambers Europe



REVERA’s lawyers protected the rights of a Danish agrochemical corporation seeking to collect a large debt. The dispute was complicated in that a debt transfer agreement had been concluded involving a certain term and initial debtor’s bankruptcy. Therefore our attorneys also represented the client with respect to the voidness of the agreement clause on debt transfer.

Searching for debtor in Macedonia

Svitanak OJSC: REVERA developed an action strategy to find a missing counterparty from Macedonia and to collect debt under a supply contract.

Recovering 1 mln euros for "Vysoki Zamok"

“Vysoki Zamok” is a major construction company. Our attorneys represented “Vysoki Zamok” as general contractor in a construction dispute with a customer. As a result, a debt of over 1 mln euros was collected in full, as well as currency translation differences.


We monitored client’s recovery of debt from CourierBy LLC that had been dissolved and turned bankrupt. Whereas the initial debt sum amounted to 250 thousand USD, REVERA’s lawyers managed to decrease it to ca. 100 thousand USD.

A major Scottish coal supplier

Representation of a major Scottish coal supplier in a dispute with state trading company seeking to collect a debt of over 4.5 million USD.

A major international pharmaceutical company

Elaboration and implementation of an extrajudicial debt servicing scheme.