Implementation of corporate procedures to work with debit debts

REVERA’s lawyers will assist your company in creating and implementing a ‘turnkey’ business process to collect receivables.

Upon implementing the business process, your employees will get a particularised operational script and tools required to use it. Our lawyers will develop detailed projections of all documents required to collect receivables by way of notary’s executive inscription, writ proceeding or action proceeding. All documents will be prepared with due account for the specificity of your business.

REVERA’s lawyers will train your employees on all legal aspects of debt collection under various procedures, with account of relevant judicial practice.

The business process will help you streamline your systematic handling of receivables and save judicial expenses.

REVERA maintains additional strength in financial litigation, including debt recovery and bankruptcy procedures, with further expertise in construction and tax-related mandates.

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Analysis of accounts receivable of a major global pharmaceutical company, elaboration and implementation of a scheme for extrajudicial debt collection via concluding debt transfer agreements with subsidiaries.