Protection creditors’ interests during bankruptcy proceedings

A bankruptcy proceeding initiated in regard to a debtor is not a pure minus – it does offer certain opportunities for creditors. A number of debt collection tools are only available in bankruptcy cases. You should not let the moment pass, but you should promptly make use of these tools.

REVERA’s lawyers’ activities in this area comprise assistance to creditors and protection of creditors’ interests in situations involving debtor’s actual or prospective bankruptcy:  

  • Consulting on risk management issues involving economic insolvency (bankruptcy);
  • Representation of creditors in bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Protection from actions by temporary administrators / crisis managers;
  • Representation at creditors’ meetings;
  • Return of unlawfully disposed property;
  • Challenging transactions involving debtor’s asset stripping;
  • Challenging actions/transactions related to debtor’s reorganisation;
  • Monitoring the purchasing of bankrupt’s assets;
  • Bringing to subsidiary responsibility.

*Representation of interests in court is carried out by independent attorneys.

Great problem solving skills and out of the box thinking.

IFLR 1000

REVERA maintains additional strength in financial litigation, including debt recovery and bankruptcy procedures, with further expertise in construction and tax-related mandates.

Chambers Europe


A EU company, a leader in producing crop protecting agents

Representation of client as creditor in a major bankruptcy case. Amount of debt exceeded 3.5 million US dollars.

Preventing bankruptcy of ImmobilienInvest

REVERA represented a developer of a large fitness centre in Minsk. Investor initiated a bankruptcy proceeding, which might entail significant losses for our client. REVERA’s attorneys succeeded in halting the bankruptcy proceeding. Due to this success, the client managed to save a large real estate unit, that he had backed with a significant investment.


Representation of client in disputes with CEO involving debtor’s bankruptcy and a claim seeking invalidation transactions worth over 700,000$

Protection against bank's lawsuit

Successful defense of our client, Pani investment & construction company, from a bank’s lawsuit. Background: prior to initiating a bankruptcy procedure, a corporate debtor borrowed 2 million US dollars from our client and took out another loan from a bank. However, the debt was not repaid, therefore bank decided to demand abrogation of our client’s agreement with debtor, in order to raise the prospect of collecting the debt. At present, over 50% of the amount owed has been repaid to the client.

US-based pharmaceutical company

Representation in court in a case seeking to bring debtor’s CEO to subsidiary responsibility to the amount of over 100,000 $.

Protecting business owner

Successful defense from tax inspectorate’s claims seeking bringing to subsidiary responsibility to the amount of over 300,000 $.