Antimonopoly disputes and disputes involving unfair competition and advertising

REVERA’s lawyers support clients in cases involving:

  • Acknowledgment of actions involving use of a trademark as unfair competition; 
  • Acknowledgment of agreements or concerted actions of business entities as restriction of competition; 
  • Recovery of damages inflicted due to actions violating anti-monopoly legislation; 
  • Contestation of a decision of the antimonopoly regulator; 
  • Protection from unlawful use of a domain name.

*Representation of interests in court is carried out by independent attorneys.

High level professional skills.

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IFLR 1000


Protection of a major retail chain against MART

Protecting client’s rights in appealing a decision of the anti-monopoly regulator acknowledging client’s actions as a violation of the anti-monopoly laws.

A foreign wine manufacturer

The client, a renowned wine producer, noticed that its Belarusian competitor registered a trademark in Belarus almost identical with a trademark owned by our client. Our attorneys contested legal protection of competitor’s trademark in the Appellate Council under the National Intellectual Property Centre and in the Judicial Board for Intellectual Property of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus

Protecting a restaurant chain against MART

Advocacy for client at the stage of appealing against court decision on administrative violation due to infringement of rules of a promotional game. Due to our activities, the sum of financial sanctions for the client was effectively diminished.

Protecting a major retailer from unfair competition

Representation of a major Belarusian retailer in the case involving a violation of fair business competition principles. The project involved many petitions to state authorities, including the anti-monopoly regulator, due to competitors’ violations of business competition laws by way of unfair advertising, in particular violations of rules of promotional games.


Representation of Samsung in a case involving unconscientious activities of an individual that ahd registered domain and used it to place advertising hyperlinks on web-pages of some online stores. REVERA represented Samsung in a judicial proceeding in the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus, with the result that the domain was conferred to the client.


A Belarusian dealer of a foreign manufacturer had registered a principal’s trademark in the territory of Belarus. in course of the judicial proceeding, registration of trademark was acknowledged unfair competition. Afterwards, with the participation of REVERA, the client gained the right to the trademark in accordance with an agreement signed by the parties extrajudicially.