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Comprehensive legal consulting of a group of companies with a total number of 1,000+ employees, including restructuring, option program construction, regulation of partnership relations.


Comprehensive legal support for a successful start-up in the field of children's EdTech online training in mathematics and logic, including issues of corporate, contract, tax law, building partnerships, attracting angelic investment.


Legal support of the registration of the Fibery project (Fibery - a new system for managing companies), including corporate restructuring, registration of relations with institutional investors, support of accession to the HTP.

A major domestic investor in renewable energy sphere

Юристы REVERA оказали помощь в вопросах строительства и подключения к государственным электрическим сетям ветропарка клиента. На заключительном этапе строительства государственные поставщики энергии отказались подключить ветропарк, однако спор был успешно разрешен. REVERA участвовала в процедурах урегулирования разногласий на уровне Министерства экономики и Правительства Республики Беларусь.

Vireo Energy

Support for the purpose of constructing landfill gas power plants in Belarusian regions. Assisting in attracting funds for the purpose of construction projects.


Preparing a report (presentation) covering the challenges of the Belarusian renewable energy market.


Monitoring the obtainment of authorisations required to operate in the Belarusian market.

European charity fund

Consulting the client on the activities of international charity funds in the Republic of Belarus. Consulting comprised preparation of a comprehensive legal opinion describing available models for granting beneficent aid and assistance to clients in choosing the best model.

A major international media company

Consulting a major international media company focusing on sportive events for the purpose of advertising activities in the Republic of Belarus. Consulting comprised preparation of a comprehensive legal opinion describing the peculiarities of advertising goods and services, applicable restrictions and means of individualisation of manufacturers/providers during the hockey world championship 2021.

Playrix BY

Supporting the creation of a game development centre in Belarus. Supporting Hi-Tech Park accession.

Support in labour, corporate, migration, tax and other business issues of the Belarusian development centre.

Juno — Lyft

Registration of strategic cooperation.


Full support of a transaction to invest in a Belarusian startup on the side of a foreign investor.