How to bring a company's work in line with the requirements of the Data Protection Act?

Webinar on how to bring your company processes in compliance with the Data Protection Law.

We will explain how to choose a person responsible for data processing and prepare the necessary documents. Additionally, we will provide recommendations on how to process data via your company's website in compliance with the law.



What do we talk about?

Appointment of a responsible person - basic rules


Development of a registry of personal data processing


What documents on personal data protection should be developed in each company


How to bring the company's website in compliance


Loyalty programs

  • What to pay attention to in terms of personal data processing.

Q&A session


Conditions for participation

The event will take place online.
Participation is free upon registration.
We will send a link to the broadcast to the e-mail address you provide during registration.
Additional questions: +375-33-367-09-14


Event completed 18.05.2023