REVERA law firm has become an official partner of Pravo.Ru in Belarus

On December 15, 2020, REVERA Law firm became an official partner of with the exclusive right to distribute Pravo.Tech products in the Republic of Belarus.

REVERA has started a new direction in which it provides services for the selection of optimal Legal Tech solutions for automating the processes of legal departments following their needs and business processes of companies.

Today REVERA represents the following Legal Tech products by Pravo.Tech:

  • Doc. one-document template Builder;
  • Case. one-a system for managing legal departments/law firms;
  • Form. one-chatbot constructor;
  • File. one-knowledge management & e-discovery;
  • Legal department 2.0-legal self-service portal;
  • Casebook-a solution for monitoring court/arbitration cases, monitoring and verifying the activities of counterparties of the Russian Federation;
  • Caselook-a solution for searching and analyzing Russian judicial practice, forming a legal position.

The Legal Tech industry, gaining popularity among lawyers around the world, has become even more relevant in the context of the transfer to remote work formats. Some of LegalTech's most popular products today are document constructors, legal chatbots, electronic document signing and approval, process automation and document comparison products.

"As consultants, we are well aware of how much mechanical and similar work lawyers do and how much time it takes. In this sense, Legal Tech solutions certainly help to 'objectify' both the lawyer's work itself and entire legal departments. Such solutions free up time for core tasks. We try to keep an ear to the ground in terms of the emergence of new technologies for lawyers. We are testing some of them ourselves, and we would be happy to share our experience and recommendations with colleagues," says Elena Bortnovskaya, Marketing and Innovation Manager at REVERA law firm.