REVERA aced in IFLR1000

IFLR1000 recently published results of its regular survey. It is one of the most reputable international rating schemes to assess lawyers’ performance worldwide. Surveyors contact clients of law firms and compile ratings based on their testimonials. 

And this is our favourite — this will make any professional consultant proud of himself:

“I call him professor. He is very clever and always asking me many questions to understand my real aims. He always takes the time to give me good explanations.”


REVERA for the first time found itself in the Top Tier of the rating scheme — we are one of the best Belarusian law firms in the Project Development sphere.

We have been praised for M&A, restructuring and project development advice. Also, our high expertise in сonstruction, real estate and technology has been noted.


We especially congratulate:

 — Denis Bogdanov and Helen Mourashko — they were personally distinguished as Highly Regarded,

— Dmitry Arkhipenko — who is the Market Leader,

— and Alexander Antonov — who was for the first time mentioned in an international reference guide.

We give great thanks to our Clients and Partners — without you we wouldn’t have achieved the high results!