Morning Meetup on Personal Data Protection

On November 1st, REVERA lawyers will host a meetup on Personal Data Protection. We will discuss how to prepare your company for inspections by the National Personal Data Protection Centre: common data processing errors, how to conduct yourself during inspections, and how to address identified violations.

What Will We Discuss?

  • How NCDPD Inspections Are Carried Out
  • Top Errors Detected During Inspections
  • NCPPC Has Detected Violations - What's the Next Step?
  • How to Behave During Inspections
  • What to Do in Case of Personal Data Leakage



  • November 1st, 10:00 AM
  • Minsk, Sverdlova Street 2, Art Fabrika

Participation is free upon pre-registration. Organizers reserve the right to refuse participation.


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