REVERA successfully handled the mortgage transfer of the plant

The Investment Bank provided a credit line to the Belarusian manufacturer to cover the costs of expanding the production facilities in the amount of more than 20 million EUR.

To ensure the fulfillment of the borrower's obligations, it was agreed to mortgage the immovable property: a new production unit, its component parts and equipment.

How REVERA helped the client?

  1. Verification of legal clarity of capital buildings (subject of mortgage) and land plots on which they are located.
  2. Revising and negotiating the draft mortgage contract.
  3. Advising the client on the scope of the subject matter of the contract, its valuation, conclusion of an agreement on extrajudicial foreclosure of pledged property, mortgage legislation.
  4. Following the signing of the mortgage contract, REVERA provided a legal opinion related to
    • confirmation of the borrower's legal capacity;
    • verification of the borrower's rights to the property to be mortgaged, as well as the absence of other restrictions, encumbrances and rights of third parties;
    • acknowledgement of receipt by the borrower of all necessary decisions, consents, approvals and permits;
    • proof of obtaining the necessary permits and registrations from state authorities and third parties in connection with the conclusion of the mortgage contract;
    • confirmation of the legitimacy and validity of the mortgage contract.

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