Cases and procedure for granting incentive payments in trade are determined

Decree of the Council of Ministers of 19.10.2022 No. 713 "On the system of price regulation" introduced a ban on the payment of any remuneration for the supply of consumer goods to retailers, with the exception of commission payments for the sale of non-food products and incentive payments.
On 13.07.2023, MART Decree No. 39 dated 16.06.2023 "On granting incentive payments" was published, which defines the cases and procedure for granting incentive payments for the supply of consumer goods to retailers.

Cases of granting incentive payments

This resolution provides for the possibility of providing incentive payments in the following cases:

  • for purchasing a set amount of goods;
  • for increasing the volume of goods purchased;
  • When a retailer sells goods on the terms and conditions of a sale or other events established by the supplier, aimed at sales incentives;
  • when goods are delivered from a supplier by a retailer at its own expense;
  • when the subject of retail trade carries out repair and maintenance of non-food goods at his own expense on the terms and conditions determined by the supplier.

Incentive payments may not be granted for a closed list of food products defined in the annex to the resolution (including certain meat and dairy products, bread and confectionery, fresh vegetables).

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