Legal diaries of the Festival of Yury Bashmet. Note one. Beginning

For some of you September 29 is remembered or is not remembered at all as an ordinary Monday — one of regular milestones of daily routine. For Revera Consulting Group,  as well asfor music lovers this last Monday of September was notable for opening of the IV Festival of Yury Bashmet to which RCG for the second year in succession has had a direct relationship while being a legal partner of the event for the second year running.

This year we feel strong enough to go through the mill with the festival organizers, moreover we are ready to start a some kind of a crusade and to share a sort of a diary with the audience in order to tell what is a workday life of a “lawyer in culture”. We can proudly admit that when we started this project in 2013 we did not suppose that it would be so interesting. We hope that this diary will be useful for those who will wake one day and think to enrich a cultural life of the capital with something large-scale and fascinating.

Note one. Do you remember how all this started?

There is a Russian proverb “you should make a cart ready in winter and a sleigh in summer”. This proverb is 100% right for organization of a cultural event in Belarus. In the situation with Bashmet’s festival the difference is only in seasons. A “sleigh”, namely organization of the event planned for a midfall, starts from a midspring when Rostislav Krimer, the permanent head of the festival, briskly strides into the office of Revera Consulting Group and tells about his concept for the event this year, he determines approximate dates and certainly lifts the veil from names of prospective artists whom residents of Minsk having a weakness for cultural events will possibly have the luck to hear six months later.

At this stage a meeting of the festival organizing committee is held. The committee includes Rostislav Krimer, the Chairman of the Mink city executive committee and the Minister of Culture. Such meeting results in a minutes which approves the event’s programme and determines approximate dates of the festival.

About a month after the minutes has been adopted the Ministry of Culture issues an order that specifies accurate dates of the festival.

Thereafter another not less important stage of organization begins: a search for sponsors which are able to make dreams come true. But we will tell you about it in the next release of our cultural-&-legal notes. And so far we can recall last evening when music of the Lithuanian chamber orchestra inaugurated the festival’s beginning.