Expanding business in the UAE

REVERA law group is a legal partner for starting and doing business in the UAE.

We will help you start a business in the UAE and provide ongoing legal support in the country.

15 reasons to choose the UAE to expand your business
  1. One of the top countries with the best conditions for foreign direct investment.
  2. It maintains neutrality in foreign policy.
  3. Freedom of international flights and transportation.
  4. Citizens of 55 countries can get a visa on arrival.
  5. An opportunity to enter into contracts with foreign partners and settle payments.
  6. Strongly developed capital market (cryptocurrencies, futures, real estate) with acceptable hedging conditions.
  7. The IT sphere is widely developed.
  8. Tax regime for all taxes at the rate of 0 when registering a company in any of the free zones.
  9. Simple accounting procedure.
  10. Double taxation treaties with 128 states.
  11. Access to markets in the Persian Gulf and the Middle East.
  12. The close proximity to international maritime trade routes.
  13. Second safest country on the planet in Global Finance magazine's 2021 ranking. 
  14. Dubai is the world's most sustainable city, awarded by the United Nations in 2021.
  15. Member state of a large number of international organizations.

REVERA understands what business needs, so we

  • We get your need right.
  • We select an acceptable form of your presence in the UAE.
  •  We prepare a set of documents in Belarus or other jurisdiction.
  • We arrange translations, certifications of documents.
  • We explain the nuances of procedures and answer questions arising within the framework of the task.
  • We monitor implementation of each task.
  • The client receives the result on a turnkey basis.

Now we work in a well-established liaison with local partners in the UAE and implement your tasks in the UAE according to REVERA standards.

In this format, we provide the following services

  1. Advice on UAE law, including advice on:
    • taxation;
    • drawing up labor relations with the team;
    • development of a contractual arrangement of legal relations with contractors;
    • selection of an acceptable form of business incorporation in the UAE.
  2. Company registration under UAE law.
  3. Assistance in opening bank accounts.
  4. Obtaining UAE resident status.
  5. Support of real estate transactions.
  6. M&A and investment transactions.
  7. Transactions and other work with IP and Data Protection.
  8. Support of company activities (outsourcing).