Disputes lease contracts

REVERA’s team will assist you in settling controversies in situations involving real estate lease, from the stage of preliminary agreement to the stage of expiry of lease term and vacation of premises.

We offer comprehensive representation and protection of client’s interests in disputes with counterparties involving lease contracts. Our team will consult you in case of conflict situations, will help outline and implement an action strategy.

Your matter will be tackled by a team of experts from various practices.

As a result, you will obtain an integrated approach and a multi-faceted assessment of your situation furnishing you with a sound managerial solution and providing overall protection of your interests.



Our lawyers are ready to provide you with legal assistance in the following areas:

Judicial protection of lessor’s interests
  1. disputes involving dissolution of lease contracts and eviction of lessees
    • legal analysis of your situation
    • elaboration of a strategy allowing safe exit from your lease contract
    • monitoring pre-trial procedures and negotiations
    • monitoring execution of judgement
  2. disputes involving preliminary lease contracts
    • consulting on receiving security deposits
    • consulting on concluding principal lease contracts
    • protection of interests in case of lessee’s refusal/reluctance to enter into lease contract
  3. Collection of rental debts
    • collection of debt through the court or extrajudicially
    • elaborating an action strategy to collect debt from an unfair lessee
  4. Other disputes involving lease contracts
    • recovery of damages from lessees
    • protection of interests in disputes involving improvement of immovable property

*Representation of interests in court is carried out by independent attorneys.


A major Belarusian fashion retailer

Representation of a major Belarusian fashion retailer in a dispute with lessor seeking to recognise an unenforceable notary’s execution order.

A major chain of restaurants

Representation of a major chain of restaurants in a major economic case. We succeeded in levying deposit money under a lease contract. The deposit money was acknowledged to be unjust enrichment due to expiry of principal contract.