Corporate management

Nowadays, business is no longer tied to the borders of a country or region, and yesterday's Belarusian companies are increasingly entering the international market and scaling up their business. Along with international success, owners and top managers are forced to move to other countries in order to be closer to the client and continue developing the company in the European or Asian markets.

In Belarus, there still remain lots of important processes that are very difficult to manage remotely.

In this situation, it is essential to ensure three components:

  • security (excluding administrative and criminal risks for owners and managers due to the action or inaction of other employees and ignorance of legal issues);
  • authority control (checking deals for compliance with articles of association and corporate procedures) to prevent losses in business;
  • prompt execution and authorized signing of company documents required on an ongoing basis (daily, monthly, etc.) to avoid "downtime" in operational activities.

We assist businesses in solving these problems with a new product - Corporate management.

In this case, REVERA acts as a management company with the delegation of executive body functions, the scope of which is agreed with the client when signing the management agreement.

As part of corporate management, we can provide the following services:

  1. Reviewing all deals for compliance with corporate requirements, procedures, Articles of Association, company's interests, and controlling the authority of the parties to the deal.
  2. Control of all payments, both standard and non-standard.
  3. Checking that all outgoing documents (contracts, letters, etc.) are compliant with legal requirements and signed.
  4. Communication and deadline control in dealing with state authorities, HTP, banks, etc.
  5. Checking all local legal acts of the company (instructions, provisions, regulations) for compliance with the current legislation.
  6. Preparing the company's corporate documents (minutes, resolutions, board meetings, annual meetings).
  7. Issuing powers of attorney for employees to fulfil specific tasks.

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