Viktar Statkevich

Counsel on Tax and Financial issues


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Victor  supports companies from various spheres on taxation, business accounting, price setting and foreign economic activity.

Furthermore, Victor monitors 'personal taxes' of individuals: Victor handles tax residency issues, submission of statements on personal tax payable in the Republic of Belarus and application of double taxation treaties.

As a member of the expert council of the Belarusian Taxpayers' Association, Victor participates in preparing proposals on prospective regulatory acts, elaboration of prospective norms and policies, studies and generalises practical issues relevant for taxpayers in the Republic of Belarus. Also, Victor supports IT companies, in particular Hi-Tech Park residents. 

Since 2007, Victor has authored many analytical materials – journal articles, guidelines, question-and-answer documents – for reference and information systems ConsultantPlus, ilex, BusinessInfo,, "Chief Accountant" journal, and Economy Newspaper. 

3 facts about himself

  • 14+ years of experience and 400 satisfied clients in auditing and consulting projects in taxes and finance
  • Vast experience in 'tax support' for major foreign-invested projects in the Republic of Belarus in the construction industry
  • Victor is able to solve 'unsolvable' tax problems within the legal framework via exclusive charisma and persistence


NT Technology

REVERA’s lawyers carried out a tax audit and a legal analysis of tax and regulatory risks.

A producer of crop protecting agents

Our taxation experts analysed taxation agreements and provided consulting on calculation/payment of taxes and mandatory deductions reimbursing employees’ costs for meals, etc.