Video game development funds

Development funds are financial support provided by organizations, foundations, or government agencies to video game developers to finance their projects. Funds give developers an opportunity to get funding for a project: both studios and individual developers. In this article, we will explain the benefits of development funds, what types of fundsthere are, who gives them out and how you can get them.

1. Types of funds

Video game development funds are intended to support developers, provide financial stability for their projects. They can be provided through various competitions, support programs or investment funds, depending on the region and the source of funding.

There are many organizations providing funds. For example:

  • Epic Games MegaGrants. Epic Games offers the MegaGrants program, which provides financial support to projects in the field of game development, using the Unreal Engine, and the development of virtual reality, augmented reality and media projects. EpicGames is also ready to encourage developers who create content for Fortnite.
  • National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). NEA provides funds in the field of art, including video games. They have funding programs for creative projects in order to support innovation and cultural and creative development.

2. Types and specifics of development funds 

Development funds can be directed to:

  • initial funding - financial support for small studios or individual developers, assistance at the initial stages of development;
  • project development - is provided for existing projects and their further development and includes the improvement of individual aspects of the project;
  • research projects - designed for research and innovation in the field of video games and can cover areas such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, game mechanics and other technologies;
  • educational programs - are provided for the creation and development of educational programs in the field of video games. This may include the development of educational materials, conducting trainings and seminars, organizing conferences and events to stimulate the educational process.

In addition, video game development funds are also a significant support for the development of the local industry. Support through funds helps to create and develop local game studios and development teams, which can contribute to the economic growth of the region. It can also attract external investment and create jobs.

3. The process of obtaining a fund

The process of obtaining a video game development fund may vary depending on the specific program or foundation providing the funds. In general terms, the process may look like this:

1. Search for opportunities. Research the various programs and foundations that provide funds for the video games development. Research their requirements, goals and financing conditions. 

Please note that sometimes funds are provided according to thematic programs; usually such a topic involves the inclusion in a video game of a national element inherent in the country that issues such a fund.

2. Application submission. If you have found a program that meets your needs, prepare an application in accordance with the specified requirements. Most often, the following information is required:

  • project description,
  • budget, 
  • business plan.

! Pay attention to the requirements for the application format and the deadline for submission.

3. Selection and evaluation. After submitting the application, the project is considered by the organization or foundation providing the fund. This may include an assessment of the quality of the project, its innovativeness, growth potential and compliance with the objectives of the program. In some cases, it may be necessary to provide additional information, conduct a presentation or interview.

4. Making a decision. After evaluating your application, a decision will be made on granting a fund. If your project is selected, you will be provided with an official notification and documents defining the terms of financing and obligations on the part of both parties.

5. Project implementation and reporting. After receiving the funds, you will have to implement your project in accordance with the established conditions. You may need to submit interim and final reports on the work performed, the use of funding and the results achieved.

It is important to pay attention to the requirements and deadlines of each specific program and follow them during the application process.

Thus, video games development  funds are a significant support for developers. 
In general, video game development funds have a significant impact on the industry and play an important role in the promotion and development of the video game industry and the creation of high-quality gaming products.