REVERA Law Group opened an office in Georgia

REVERA Law Group opened an office in Georgia to provide its technology company clients with legal services in jurisdictions that are efficient for this business.

REVERA Georgia is a new law firm in Georgia with a wide network of partners among Georgian law firms.

Our office has all the necessary licenses to provide legal and fiduciary services. Our specialists speak English and Russian.

Members of the Georgian REVERA team are experts in corporate law, taxation, an expert in investment transactions, M&A, intellectual property issues and other issues relevant to the IT sector.

What can we do for you in Georgia?

  • Business incorporation: registration of LLC, IP; getting an international company; conversion of a natural zone resident.
  • Management company services.
  • Support for obtaining a residence permit.
  • Advice on tax law.
  • Advice on labor law, including obtaining a work permit.
  • Accompanying the opening of accounts.
  • Accompanying the accelerated receipt of tax residency through the status of a wealthy person.
  • M&A deals and investment closures.
  • Transactions and other work with individual entrepreneurs.
  • Commercial contracts for the technology sector (SDA, SLA, ToU, SSA, etc.).
  • Data protection.
  • Support on all other legal issues, including current contractual work.

REVERA law group is an international legal group of companies. Our offices are located in Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia and Cyprus.

Our identified trait has been continuous growth and development since 1998 following a growing and constantly changing identified clientele. Today, the REVERA legal group consists of more than 50 specialists whose area of expertise covers 17 specializations, and a wide network of partners around the world. Collaboration between lawyers and partners allows the creation of multidisciplinary joint teams that provide legal solutions for our clients.

We owe the highest quality legal services available from any point of view of the world.

We work closely with our clients to help them meet their business challenges in the world's major economies and new markets. Our clients are companies that discover continuous sustainable development, make bold decisions, and make a significant contribution to the development of the region's economy.

We will be happy to provide legal support for your company's entry into the Georgian market.